Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to engage a Virtual Assistant :: Online Personal Assistants, Perth

There can be a variety of reasons to partner with a Virtual Assistant, including: time savings, cost reduction and an ability to focus on building your business. Recently, I was asked, “How do I engage a Virtual Assistant?” In this post, you will find answers to this important question and discover how Online Personal Assistants may be the appropriate solution for your business.

New clients contact us through various methods, including: website, networking or current client referral. After the initial contact is made, the first step is to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Prior to that meeting, you will receive a brief questionnaire that will allow us to prepare questions for your unique business. The meeting will take approximately one hour and may be completed face-to-face or via telephone, whichever is most convenient for you. During the initial meeting, you will tell us about your business and together we will develop a plan to support your business through our Virtual Assistant services. This plan will become your Productivity & Cost Saving Audit.

Deciding to partner with a Virtual Assistant means examining your business. What tasks are you doing that could be completed by someone else? Because your business is unique, your Virtual Assistant needs are also distinctive and individualised. You can work with a Virtual Assistant to your comfort level. Some clients know where they would like assistance, whereas others need help to determine which tasks can be delegated. Online Personal Assistants can help you discover those duties you can entrust to a Virtual Assistant.

After determining your business needs, we will send a proposal for your review. Online Personal Assistants works with businesses on a per-project basis or through an ongoing support role. You may choose to seek proposals from other Virtual Assistants. When doing so, consider whether you require a Virtual Assistant in your city, state or country. If location is not a factor, you may choose to search a Virtual Assistant Directory or conduct a Google search to find another Virtual Assistant for comparison purposes. Most importantly, determine your personalised goals prior to contacting a Virtual Assistant. This will ensure you receive the information most essential to you.

When searching for a Virtual Assistant, consider the following:
• Experience: Relevant experience is a factor in determining Virtual Assistant fees. (You may pay a lower rate per hour for one Virtual Assistant; however, if the typing speed of one Virtual Assistant is half that of another, you will pay additional fees because tasks take longer.)
• Knowledge: Ask yourself if you need a Virtual Assistant that has knowledge of your industry and how to manage a business. Consider a Virtual Assistant that shows initiative and can assist you with a variety of tasks.
• Budget: Determine your budget when you review a prospective Virtual Assistant. This will help verify if your chosen Virtual Assistant can work within your budget.
• Location: Decide if it is important to have someone local or if you can broaden your search to include other geographic areas.
• Specialised Services: If your tasks are specific and concentrate in a particular subject, you may want to utilise a Virtual Assistant who specialises in that area.
• Turnaround Times: Communication is imperative when working with a Virtual Assistant. Be sure your Virtual Assistant knows your deadlines and time requirements. The majority of Virtual Assistants will have a standard lead time. For example, Online Personal Assistants requires a three-day lead time for most tasks. At times, jobs will be completed well within this timeframe. However, sometimes the full three days will be utilised. Remember to communicate your requirements for each deadline to your chosen Virtual Assistant.
• Testimonials: If you are concerned about not meeting face-to-face, check testimonials of previous clients and conduct additional research to ease your mind.

The above list illustrates several items that should be considered when engaging a Virtual Assistant. Ultimately, you must also choose a Virtual Assistant who suits your needs, personality and work style.

Contact Online Personal Assistants today to discover the Virtual Assistant services you can receive for your business. By mentioning this blog post, you will receive a FREE Productivity & Cost Saving Audit valued at $199.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Packages available for Virtual Assistant Services, Perth

Many who subscribe to my newsletter would have seen the launch of some new packages in January 2010. These packages are now available when engaging the services of Online Personal Assistants.

We have come across a few clients who would find it a challenge to use the hours each month, even on our Basic Retainer Package and as hours do not carry over into the next month, this may be a disadvantage when utilizing the services of a Virtual Assistant.

In considering this, we have now launched our PrePaid Retainer Packages. The smallest of these is for 10 hours to use over a three month period. This is ideal for clients who only utilize a basic service most months and who sometimes require more assistance the following month(s).

These packages are:

* Mini-PrePaid Retainer Package - 10 hours with three months to use
* Medi-PrePaid Retainer Package - 20 hours to use over six months (bonus 1 hour with this package)
* Maxi-PrePaid Retainer Package - 40 hours to use over 12 months (bonus 2 hours with this package)

If a client uses their allocated hours before the expiry date, we top up again to the chosen package, with the new expiry date starting from the date of payment.

If you would like to know more about these new packages, please contact us and we would be happy to work with you in growing your unique business.