Thursday, March 18, 2010

Online Personal Assistants Receives Virtual Assistant Certification

When searching for a professional and reliable Virtual Assistant, there may be many options. How can you be sure that the potential Virtual Assistant has the skills and proficiencies necessary to complete your jobs accurately and on-time? offers a new standard for Virtual Assistant Certification. Clients worldwide are using this system to benchmark services they are seeking in a Virtual Assistant.

Recently, our very own Debra Barber, owner of Online Personal Assistants, received Virtual Assistant Certification from Online Personal Assistants are proud to be one of the few Australian virtual assistant services to receive this certification.

To qualify for the recognition, Barber was evaluated by an international team that assessed personal and professional traits. Evaluators researched her skills, education and industry contributions. Barber met the certification requirements and can now utilize the certification to gain business owners’ confidence when working with potential new clients.

Barber says, “Being VAcertified is vital to my business, as it proves to both current and prospective clients that my Virtual Assistant career is important to me. It also showcases the ethics involved with providing an essential service for many small to medium-sized business owners.” The certification demonstrates that an international group of peers recognizes Barber’s commitment to excellence within the industry. “It is a fantastic feeling and a great personal achievement to receive recognition from leaders within the industry; it is invaluable to be able to demonstrate your commitment to clients,” explains Barber.

We encourage business owners and managers to utilize a Virtual Assistant that is certified; clients can be assured that a certified Virtual Assistant has the skills and experience necessary to complete jobs accurately and efficiently. We are especially dedicated to providing excellent value to clients during the current economic challenges.

Clients find that partnering with a Virtual Assistant reduces stress, protects cash flow, eliminates administrative challenges and enables business people to concentrate efforts on growing their business. It is our goal to work with you to achieve a seamless transition between Online Personal Assistants and your office, giving you the opportunity to exceed your business goals.

We are proud of the recent certification and look forward to assisting you with your virtual assistant needs. Contact us today to discover how we can partner with you!

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